Marine and fresh water theming pieces

Coral Imagine has a line of products made of mineralized thixotropic mortar for large-scale marine and freshwater thematization projects. They are solid pieces, with or without internal structure (depends on the size of the piece), ready to anchor to floors, walls or surfaces of any type of mortar or glass. In sizes 30-40 cm high the small ones. The larger pieces (up to a meter or more) have an internal fiberglass structure that protrudes from the base to aid in anchoring.

All the professionals of the thematization activity know how difficult it is to recreate the marine environment. The sea rocks are very porous and have many recesses, caves and three-dimensionality. In vertical thematization, reproducing this complexity is extremely arduous and many times professionals do not have enough time or skills to carefully copy the seabed. Thanks to Coral Imagine this situation can change dramatically. Coral Imagine pieces can be perfectly matched to installations thematization designs and greatly improve their realism and appearance. These formations are made of a professional theming mortar and well tested in large marine aquariums, with a extrem resistance because it is mineralized with silica.

Quickly and easily, in a few days, a remarkable installation becomes outstanding. Streamlining the final thematization result by incorporating ready-made parts, ready to install, is a guaranteed success choice. The pieces can be made of white or different base colors, to be integrated from the beginning as much as possible to the mortar that has been used in the installation. There is also a premium line of pieces that are already completely colored simulating calcareous algae and the typical textures of mature sea rock.

One of the pieces, ready to install.

Because the pieces have flat based, they can be adhered directly to the cement surfaces with, for example, ultra-fast anchor mortars for use in drinking water. Then, with thixotropic cement of special thematization for salt water, the cracks can be filled and the pieces completely integrated into the rest of the structure. Eventually (and in a simple way), flatter structures with a less realistic finish can greatly improve their appearance, leaving a result that greatly emulates the irregular, cavernous and pointed shapes of nature. Fish and other marine life will have hiding places and endless spaces in which to hide and develop their activities.

This image shows the flat base of all the pieces. Designed to deposit directly on sand or adhere with anchor mortar to the different primary structures.

A professional marine aquarium theming project, with our pieces, can provide turns an excellent, winning project, ready to undertake the most ambitious international thematic contests for marine environments around the world.

We have a stock of a hundred marine pieces to undertake medium / small projects in a short time. Even so, the technique developed to create structures allows us to create in our workshop an important number of pieces per week, customized to satisfy the theming company. The production of one month would cover facilities of more than 70 square meters. You can ask for pieces in the form of plates, branches, roots, caverns, bridges, etc. Possibly, the variety and irregularity of the pieces give the whole the greatest naturalness. And they can be manufactured in the base colors that best fit the main mortar of the general structure of the installation.

Introduce the service that we can integrate into your design and the results will make a difference in project concessions.

We have calculated that adding about four pieces per square meter already definitely enriches the thematization, both vertical and horizontal. You can budget different variants per square meter as well, with tighter or higher budgets. Coral Imagine can simply provide the pieces, to delegate the task of anchoring and finishing touch to the thematic company or to carry out this task.

When the coarse mortar has already hardened (4-6 days) is the perfect time to adhere the pieces, because only at that time the surface resistance is enough to hold the weight of the pieces (about 3-6 kilograms the piece). Even so, the pieces can also be attached to the meshes that make up the «skeleton» of the thematization and then project the mortar to create a definitive and fused set. The possibilities are virtually endless.
Large rocks, roots and branches are also themed for river and lake environments with great realism.

In the same way, we can make the pieces in our workshop and then attach them to large estructures without wasting time. In these cases of large pieces, the skeleton of the piece is made of PVC mesh, without metals or materials that can then be degraded by continued contact with water. Completely harmless and aquarium safe.